EVORIVE was created in 2016, and is all about what results from the experience obtained through the development of a previous business reality founded in 1969 and currently known as a leader in the tungsten carbide processing sector.

Thanks to Alessandro Colombatto, born in 1944 and his fifty years of expertise, along with his children, part of the social structure and team of Evorive this company stands. Although young, Evorive can boast authoritative know-how in the sector of processing and transformation of tungsten carbide, in particular for the creation of cutting tools.
The presence of the entire family in the company also gives space for intellectual transfer, culture and cohesion towards a common goal where each member plays a specific role based on the professional skills previously acquired with effort.
We are firmly convinced that, in order to create economic value, it is essential to offer social and environmental value as well. Evorive promotes a model that expertly combines vision, ethics and pragmatism as true corporate assets and values on which the new company was founded.