Compared to harder steels, tungsten carbide resists more to wear and scratches. Its high cutting capacity, hardness and incredible strength make it the ideal material for tools because it all translates into high strength. Therefore, this allows to work with a cutting edge that maintains its effectiveness much longer than traditional tools in alloy and hardened steel, a life span lasting up to 20 times longer.

“Love for our work, precision and quality are the ingredients for a guaranteed result”

We work with extreme precision, within tolerances within the thousandth part of a millimeter. Our machines are of the latest generation and are part of industry 4.0.

Wanting to compare with world markets, we paid close attention to innovation to defend our “Made in Italy” by developing patents, fundamental points to strengthen and enhance  Italian companies.

We purchase the material from large multinationals in the sector and are careful to carry out internal checks so that there are no imperfections.

The final tests of our quality control department ensure that the results of our processes comply with the end customer’s requests